Our strategy

The core of our state lies in decentralization and conversion waste into useable goods, sticking to zero – waste principle at the same time. There is set of core strategy we follow. They are:-

Household centric v/s Community centric approach

The service we provide is not an amenity but an attempt to remove filth and dust from the streets from the area we serve.

Zero – waste strategy

A pile of waste could have no utility for one person and could have very high utility as resource for other. Instead of throwing it away, it could be converted in a resource by proper method & treatment. The strategy of zero- waste revolves around the idea. To achieve the zero-waste strategy we have a strict norm of collecting segregated waste only. We discourage the practice of keeping all kinds of waste into compost and dry recyclable waste to recycling after further segregation. There are some proportions left behind which needs to be treated in a specific way which is not within our capacity right now but we will certainly be in the position in the future to consume them all. Thus, we can say that we follow the principle for waste management.

Decentralized v/s Centralised approach

For efficient functioning and cost optimization we work on both centralized and decentralized methods. We take the decentralized approach when we feel fossil fuel could be saved if we do not transport the garbage in a centralized composting centre. Instead, we motivate families to make compost at their home. We even provide consultancy to apartments to make compost in their campus. We also encourage local self help group to manage their waste which would generate employment and income as well. the handling of the dry waste is centralized; the dry waste are transported to the waste management centre for further segregation and then they are recycled and sold.

Guided by End use/ End product

The treatment of solid waste results in various end products. After finding out the demand for it in the market, we developed an establishment for end product uses. By making products from the waste treatment, we not only optimise the scope of our business but we are also protecting the environment from green house gases.

Avoiding re-inventing the wheel

Any invention requires experimentation, which requires investment. If someone steps foot in a business then they should first establish optimality with the existing technology and then move on to innovating new technologies after achieving a position to be able to invest in experimentation.

We are not the first one in the solid waste management business. There are many pioneers in this line of service along with a number of known technologies. Right now we are focused on building organisation and establish efficient process instead of developing the methodology and technology which already exists. Once we settle at the optimum stage, we do plan to invest in refining technology.

Investing in Human Resource

The line of services we provide is labour intensive. The staff and the technicians are the one collecting the waste, interacting to the families, motivating them to join Shunya Kuda and cooperate in the process. From the collection phase to segregation till the final stage of composting and handling other end products; they do it all.

Therefore, we invest in the human capital for the smooth operations with cost efficiency through training and motivation.

Entering in related business activities

We are often asked by the families we serve that if we are collecting the waste then who will provide other cleaning services or why don’t we provide dustbins for separate waste and so on. So we decided to diversify our existing business and entered in possible related business in our capacity. We now provide sweeping services, dustbins & other cleaning materials, related equipments, compost, consult for in-house gardening, cleaning staff, kabaad sale and purchase service and others.

All these related service bring revenue to our business and add up in earnings of all the people involved in it including the waste collection staffs, middle managers and senior management as well.


Training is the central point for organisation and workflow for our business. We provide structured training to our staff and open session after field experience to help them with the problems faced on ground level.

Work with Municipal Corporation

The service line of solid waste management could function best when worked with the municipal corporation.

We intend to work for the municipal corporation, providing the benefit of our experience to the whole city and not limited to just few households.


Expansion is a necessary step for any business. Partnership is our core strategy to expand and multiply. We invite potential partner come forward, get the benefit of our experience and work with us as our ideal partners as Shunya Kuda Swatch Guru, CSR, motivating investors, facilitators and franchise.

Work for the Bigger Picture

We aim to spread the concept of the Zero-waste principle from the roots to the tip of our community tree for making our city clean and free from heaping dumping yards.

We have developed following tools to achieve the bigger picture-

  • Niwasi Sabha
  • Apne
  • Programs and orientation for school children