Be our partners

Solid waste management requires collective effort and work. So we chose to work with potential partnering. It is a work of social benefit but also makes money as a business. Stakeholders from every group shall come to address the challenge our society is facing in context of solid waste management. We envisage this as below-


Any business needs investment to grow and so do we. This business is bound to give good return if it is done in the whole city. We have developed good business proposition. Any person or group interested in investing in our business of waste management can contact .


Our line of service is not just a good source of business but the actions are further of social which makes our business eligible for CSR funds in our business. We will certainly be going to add corporate groups. Any corporate group willing to invest their CSR funds in our waste management services can contact us on


People are empowered enough today. If they are able to come together to address this common cause of clean environment things will take its own course driving service provider to do their job better. Facilitator role is to do facilitation of people coming together and discussing their common cause and goals. Any person who is willing and capable of filling the shoe of facilitators is invited to join the Shunya kuda team. For further detail contact


Shunya Kuda team has devised a method of communicating best practices for individuals on waste management in their daily life. A guru is the person who takes initiatives to pass this valuable education to children in schools and to community. Likewise a Shunya Kuda Swatch Guru can also explore business opportunity initiating the tasks of the guru of waste management.


Our team welcomes people who are interested to do business with us as a franchisor in the field of waste management. We will provide them assistance in return for monetary consideration. For detailed information contact.