Niwasi Sabha

“Aae, Milen, Baate hon aur Kuch Kare”

The words speaks the soul of Niwasi Sabha; a meeting of residents of an area/community/society where they all come together to discuss their common issues and challenge among themselves, come up with a way to solve them.

Sunai initiated Niwasi Sabha with the vision in mind that a society could develop when the citizens themselves take the collective responsibility of their agendas, issues and challenges and act on solving them too. With this thought, Sunai has been facilitating such meetings since 9 years now.

Shunya Kuda is a fruit of Niwasi Sabha meetings’ most common problem in urban areas; garbage, littering, dust, etc. We now are providing service in urban, suburb and rural areas and encourage residents to have Niwasi Sabha meetings where they can discuss their common issues and challenges and can even provide feedback on our services as well. Our team will facilitate Niwasi Sabha for Rs 500 per meeting. Residents willing to have Niwasi Sabha Meetings in their area can contact us for facilitation services.