End Products

Being a solid waste management unit, we treat the municipal solid waste. Now it is important to understand what we mean when we say end product, what are they.

End products are the result of the treatment of waste which needs to be further treated, disposed of, or harnessed for some type of resource recovery.

End products, for example dried or partially dried sludge, compos, leachate, and bio gas, each have intrinsic value, which can turn treatment form merely a method for environmental and public health protection to resource recovery value.

End products we produce:

Below is the list of end products which we produce or can say that we harness it out of the waste.

  • Compost
  • Recyclable dry waste
  • Edible protein sources
    • Eggs (of duck and hen both)
    • Black soldier larvae
    • Meat of goats, ducks and hens