APNE is an initiative of the Shunya Kuda team to include the people involves in the same sector i.e., maid, cleaning staff, etc. They are the people who will separate the dry and the wet waste from the garbage. So it is important to make them aware about the waste management and train them about the methods of the waste management.


  • Orientation
  • To influence the employers of the cleaning staff to give clear instructions to keep the dry and the wet waste separate.

Motivation for the cleaning staff

  • To include the families of the people working in the same sector
  • Monitor that their children are going to school every day.
  • Check the progress report of their children
  • Illustrate how the parents can themselves check their children progress.
  • Meet the children in the activity centre and conduct activity with them.
  • Provide tuition to their children focusing especially on basic level language and maths.