Our Business Activities

  • Waste collection
  • Material Recovery
  • End Products
  • Composting from organic waste
  • Selling of Recovered material
  • Street Sweeping
  • Corporate maintenance and cleaning.

Waste collection

It is a task of challenges to collect the diversified categories of waste separately which is an organizational challenge.

Shunya Kuda Services collects the segregated waste, keeping the waste of same nature together and transport them to the treatment plant.

Material Recovery

The collected waste is sent to the treatment plant where the Shunya Kuda technicians sort the waste for further process and recycling.

End Products

Each treatment in waste management results to end products. Some of the end products need to be disposed of but some of them could be harnessed for some type of resource recovery. We make a list of end products which brings revenue in the business. They are:

  • Compost
  • Recyclable dry waste
  • Edible protein sources
    • Eggs (of duck and hen both)
    • Black soldier larvae
    • Meat of goats, ducks and hens

Composting from organic waste

Composting from organic waste was the initial motive for this business. We make compost from the wet organic waste we collect from household, institutions and other sources. It not just brings revenue to the business but also reduces the amount of waste from piling up in a landfill.

Selling of Recovered material

Just recovery and recycling is not enough. The recovered materials are resources. We treat them as one.

The recovered materials are sold to the respective dealers. Even the 40 micron plastic bags are sold as a resource.

Street Sweeping

Streets are a major part of our daily life. Our motive is not limited to the boundaries of a building or an institute campus. Making a clean and healthy environment includes clean streets.

Our team provides paid street sweeping services to everyone willing to pay to make their street clean

Corporate maintenance and cleaning

For our corporate customers, we provide cleaning and maintenance services. They don’t need to get into the hassles of cleaning. We handle it for them for their efficient performance.